Scaffold By Most Ancient

Scaffold By Most Ancient

Most Ancient is the Oakland, California duo of Veronica Amber Graham  & Jesse Alan Eisenhower who create all kinds of interesting printed work, including comic books, artist books, and other sequentially-themed work.

One of their most ambitious projects in the ongoing comic series called Scaffold. The theme of the story falls into science fiction or alt-history, revolving around the relationship between three cultures of beings who cohabitate a medieval-like fantasy world.

What is most interesting is how the narrative rules they have created push the boundaries of traditional comic panel sequences, partially inspired by blocky, 80’s video game labyrinths. Like a classic Nintendo adventure game, the scales are fixed and no space is repeated from panel to panel. The result is really quite elegant and a surprisingly intuitive read.

The printed book itself has been released in 3 editions, with the third offering some additional pages of content. I have a copy of the second edition and I can say it’s a beautiful piece to simply look at and hold. The cover is a 2-color screen print with 17 black and white pages inside, all bound together with a hand-stitched binding.

Checkout more of Most Ancient’s work and keep up with new editions of Scaffold at, where you can purchase a copy of Scaffold as well as some other fantastic printed work. Also, some of Most Ancient’s work can be purchased at these fine comics retailers:


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