Incidents in the Night By David B.

Incidents in the Night By David B.

Award-winning French cartoonist David B.’s Incidents in the Night has been recently translated to English by Brian and Sarah Evenson, and is now available from Uncivilized Books.

Incidents in the Night follows the author himself through a dream-like adventure filled with unfolding conspiracies, all related to a 19th century journal founded by the enigmatic Émile Travers. The journal (called Incidents in the Night) is the connecting thread to a puzzle of characters and events that David B. is trying to uncover by searching through a maze of obscure Parisian book shops. The books themselves become alternate dimensions where Travers continues to live on escaping the Angel of Death, and eventually recruiting David B. to help him on his quest for eternal life. Throughout the book, the symbol of the letter ‘N’ serves as clues to the mysterious ways of Travers and a connecting line of historic atrocities that include the epidemics created by ancient gods all the way to modern genocides such as the Holocaust.

What I really enjoyed about Incidents in the Night is how the reader is submerged in a world that could be fact or fiction, reality or dream. David B. is all-consumed by his quest and as a reader you get caught up in the sense of danger, curiosity, and paranoia he is experiencing. And David B.’s high-contrast inking style recalls the eerie imagery of Lynd Ward which really adds to the sense of fear and mystery that runs throughout the story.

The book itself is a 112 page hardcover, measuring 6.5” x 9.6”. The images below don’t do justice to the wonderful book design and production that includes a spot-varnish cover and clever typesetting that highlights of the letter ‘n’ throughout the copy.

Incidents in the Night is the first volume in the series and by the end of the book you realize that this is just the primer to a much deeper tale to be unfolded. I’m hoping it won’t be terribly long before the next chapter is revealed.

You can purchase Incidents in the Night directly from Uncivilized Books or finer book stores across the U.S.

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