Sky In Stereo #2 By Mardou

Sky In Stereo #2 By Mardou

St. Louis (via Manchester UK) cartoonist Mardou has a new volume of Sky In Stereo recently published by Yam Books. Sky In Stereo #2 continues following the story of Iris, a college student navigating her way through young adult life.

In this story, Iris is fixated on an elusive boy named Glen and ends up spending a night alone in her room, dropping acid and listening to David Bowie. However, this isn’t a psychedelic tale with supernatural creatures, epic adventures and surreal dreamscapes as you might assume. Rather it’s a very honest and realistic depiction of a hallucinogenic experience. That’s what’s really great about Mardou’s brand of storytelling. Situations and concerns are all presented with an equal weight of urgency that isn’t over-dramatized and really captures the  confused emotions of young adults. At one point in the story Iris is fighting with her mother over that fact that she didn’t show up for work and she eventually admits to her drug use. This is obviously a traumatic and emotional moment for her mother but in the eyes of Iris this conflict is of equal if not lesser importance to the fact that she hasn’t been able to meet up with her crush, Glen.

What’s also great about Sky In Stereo #2 is how easily the reader can jump into the story, even without reading any previous material. The connections you end up making with the characters definitely keep you hooked and wanting more. I’m certainly looking forward to #3.

You can purchase a copy of Sky In Stereo #2 directly from Yam Books or at finer comic and book stores around the U.S.

Images via Yam Books.