Nobrow 8: HYSTERIA

Nobrow 8: HYSTERIA

Nobrow 8: HYSTERIA is the latest edition of UK small press publisher Nobrow’s anthology of contemporary cartoonists and illustrators. It’s release in the form of 2 full-color magazines rolled into one and sealed with a double cover. The line-up features some of the best of not only UK, but worldwide: Jim Rugg, Emmanuelle Walker, Sam Bosma, Marta Monteiro, David Lucas, Kenard Pak, Bob Flynn, Keith Negley, Carmen Segovia, Gwendal Le Bec, Robin Davey, Andrea Kalfas, William Grill, Luke Pearson, Dustin Harbin, José Domingo, Matteo Farinella and Dilraj Mann.

As with most everything Nobrow releases, it’s a thing of beauty. Here’s what they have to say about #8’s theme of Hysteria:

We can all agree what the prevalent mood seems to be these days: Hysteria! And what the hell’s wrong with that?! The world seems to be taking a turn for the worse, so we let 14 of the world’s leading comic creators and more than 30 of the very best illustrators take the theme of Hysteria for a whirl. Hopefully they’ll shed some light on all the madness.

Pickup a copy of Nobrow 8 directly from their site:

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