Space Basket By Jonathan Petersen

Space Basket By Jonathan Petersen

The multi-disciplined Canadian artist Jonathan Petersen has a new (or fairly recent) book called Space Basket and it’s his first available in the US. Petersen’s work has mostly been published in small runs and available only in Canada but thanks to Domino Books the rest of us now have the chance to get our hands on some of his fantastic work.

Here’s how Domino describes the book:

Petersen’s comics are propelled by a strong narrative engine: characters move abruptly from scene to scene and new personalities are introduced as old ones are unceremoniously tossed aside. Petersen draws his cast and his scenery with great feeling and stark compositions that at first glance feel like a comforting space for the eye to enter into—but closer inspection reveals a complicated world that feels both alien and drably familiar.

You can purchase a copy of Space Basket directly from the Domino Books website.

Images via Domino Books.