Distance Mover #7 By Patrick Kyle

Distance Mover #7 By Patrick Kyle

Number seven in Patrick Kyle’s Distance Mover series is now ready, kicking off his 6 issue monthly subscription. Below are some pictures he’s posted to his blog of the new 16-page, multi-color mini that is printed at his home with his Risograph 6300.

I picked up a few of the back issues at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest last fall and this new issue appears to be in the same wonderfully colorful and psychedelic style. Here’s what Kyle has to say about the latest issue:

Distance Mover #7 is here and introduces a new story arc following Mr. Earth and Mendel as they explore a vast and mysterious planet in Mr.Earth’s amazing travelling machine, The Distance Mover.

In this new story arc Mr. Earth and Mendel set off to explore new civilizations, but are quickly thrust into a new adventure when the Distance Mover plans its own course. If you missed issues #1-6, #7 is the best place to start.

There’s still about a week left to get in on the subscription deal for this great series.