Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival Recap

The Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival this weekend was jam-packed, buzzing with energy and truly a blast. So many many great artists and so little time. I left with quite a few new books and signatures for some of my all-time favorites and quite a few folks that were new to me. Posted below are a handful of lousy snapshots from my phone which do’t really do justice representing what a fantastic event it was.

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for the unsolicited nature of some of these photos. If I have used you’re picture and you’d like it removed from the site, please contact me and it will be promptly removed. 

  • Entrance and crowd gathering.
  • Gabrielle Bell at the Uncivilized Books table.
  • Michael Deforge at the Koyama Press table.
  • Michael Deforge doing a signature.
  • Anne Koyama at the Koyama Press table.
  • More Koyama Press.
  • Jen Tong's table.
  • Nobrow's table.
  • Kutikuti / Huuda Huuda table.
  • Lara Antal & Dave Kelly
  • Katie Skelly
  • Banner