Unwelcome Blacklight Poster Art Show

Unwelcome Blacklight Poster Art Show

A horror-filled month of events is happening in L.A. called Nightmare City and to top it off is an exclusively curated black-light poster art show called Unwelcome. Here’s what the website has to say about the exhibit:

We proudly present UNWELCOME: an examination and reappraisal of that radiant popular artform once relegated to smoke-filled suburban basements — now brought into the glorious black-light of day, with works imbued with neon blood, fluorescent frights, and ultraviolet ultraviolence. Guest curator Sammy Harkham, renowned comic artist and creator of Kramer’s Ergot, has selected 10 leading contemporary illustrative artists and invited them to examine the theme of horror in this vibrant medium.

What an amazing line-up of artists they have: Shary Boyle, Jordan CraneMichael Deforge, Ben JonesSammy Harkham, Will SweeneyRobert BeattyArik RoperTara SinnKarn Piana and Jim Krewson. Each artist has created a screenprinted blacklight piece for the show and they are all available for purchase through their website. Below are a few of my favorites, but I highly encourage you to check them all out on their website and of course, see them in person if you’re in the L.A. area.

Michael DeForge

Jordan Crane

Sammy Harkham

Arik Roper

Via Nightmare City