Process Process Process

I haven’t done a poster process roundup in a while, so here’s a few great Instagram process pics from some of my favorites: Dan Grzeca and James Flames.

Dan Grzeca

Dirty Three sketched put on board and ready for drawing/improvisation

drawing color separations on vellum with ink and litho crayon





Process finished drawing, a Robin in Cats clothing.

James Flames

First of six colors. This one probably won’t make much sense till the last color…

Numba two of six…

Comin’ atcha! Color 3 of 6…

Color 4 of 6 is a little bit of shadow. That’s enough for today, I’ll finish up tomorrow…

Back at it. Color 5 of 6 is a light outline. Now the best part coming up…

And… done! Gonna go get em trimmed now, then sign/number and have em ready for the show tomorrow night.