The UK Scene

The UK Scene

I didn’t know much about what was going on in the UK gig poster world until the recent buzz over the Ink & Paper show. The more I dug in, the more I liked. From what I can tell from across the pond via Twitter and the internets, there’s a vibrant scene going on with tons of talent in a tight-knit community. Six artists I’ve been following recently that have been an endless source of inspiration for me are Sean Mort, Telegramme, Drew MillwardLuke Drozd. Cameron Steward (Twoduckdisco) and WeThreeClub. These folks all have great, fully developed styles and tons of work to show for it. They are hard working, creative people and they’re getting names for themselves globally because of it. I highly recommend checking out as much of their fine work as possible and support the the UK Poster Association who give these a guys a platform to be more widely recognized.

Sean Mort




Drew Millward


Luke Drozd




We Three Club