Some Creative Overprinting

Some Creative Overprinting

For those who don’t know, overprinting is the process of layering colors in the printing process. In traditional 4 color process, overprinting (and especially the sequence of colors) is important to keep segments of color looking seamless next to each other. A combination of trapping and making sure darker colors print last (or over — get it, overprinting?) help with this effect.

Overprinting can also be used as an effect in printing by multiplying overlapping colors to produce additional colors. Here’s 5 examples of creative overprinting with some interesting results.

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Well executed 2-color design that looks like 3 from Doe Eyed.

Nice example from Delicious Design League who uses overprinting in many of their posters to create additional colors and effects.

Much like his beatiful M83 poster, Dan Stiles uses simple overlapping shapes to create a larger color palette.

Here's an example from Silent Giants of overprinting to create a visual effect rather than a new color.

Yep, that's 19 colors from 17 screens by Aesthetic Apparatus.